Some people believe that if you don't take the time to vote, then you don't have the right to complain about the way that your country is run. While this might be true, there are many people who do vote who don't put a whole lot of time into what and who they are actually voting for. Politics is a complicated business and there are lots of things to consider when you're choosing a party to support or just trying to wrap your head around one issue or another. You might be passionate about some topics that could have to do with how much you will have at the end of the year to put towards your bills and might just be curious about others. We want to shine some light on a number of different political issues that are in the news.

When you're talking politics, one of the main things that is going to come up again and again is money and how it is spent. All of the money that governments have at their disposal comes from taxes, those given by individuals and by companies ranging from sole proprietorships to a multinational conglomerate. And everyone who is giving over money is going to have some opinions on how they think that it would be best spent. There are many different specific issues that come up in election years that have to do with government spending. Some candidates promise to lower taxes, which will leave more to be spent by individuals but will lower the government's budget while others have new programs and plans for where the money should and should not go.

Another major issue is what should be provided by the government and what should be part of the private sector. A great example of this is the discussions that are being had throughout America when it comes to healthcare. Some people support a program that will get the country closer to a universal healthcare system. Others believe that it is better to put that sort of spending into something else and are happy paying for everything on their own, from visits to the emergency room to routine health check-ups. Some residents already experience universal healthcare but their are still issues here over how much money should go towards this service.

In Canada, while healthcare is free, dental care is under a self-pay or private insurance system. Should dental care be covered by a publicly-funded system? The challenge with dental care is that there are lots of cosmetic procedures that dentists provide, which most people believe shouldn't be publicly funded, such as those provided by specialists like Dr. P. Sugar (website) or, Dr. Marcus Nowak.

When you're talking about politics in any place there is the question of which party you have decided to side yourself with. Some people are raised to support one political side over another while they are still young enough to have a boy band poster hanging on the wall, while others are always willing to keep an open mind and might switch their support from one party to another based on their feelings on current views. There is always some confusion and some complications when it comes to picking a party, because it is unlikely that you will agree with all of their positions. We will explore all of the major choices and what you can do if you support a party but not one of their positions. We want you to know all about politics and what you can do to change things. You might have concerns about new government sponsored home plans in your area or might think that tuition fees are too high and want the government to intervene. You can learn more about all of those things here if you know where to look.

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